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Agaro is a town found in the South-West Oromia distance of 390 K.M from Addis Ababa capital of Ethiopia. The town was established around 1811 E.C estimated about 189 years. This center is origin of Coffee Arabica and the town is surrounded by most of coffee farmers was known famous nick name (Agaro chench beguaro) means a place where money easily found. As it is the center of Origin of coffee and surrounded by Coffee farmers, trade activity hotly take place. More over Agaro town use as a bridge to western Ethiopia, The deposit of fuel for west Ethiopia and center of ETC western district available here.

Over the past 60 years the town was administered under the municipality. This in advance modernized town how ever including internal asphalt road all kinds of infrastructure fully supplied, as it started couldn’t get remarkable progress. But recently administration is strongly working to bring fundamental change in the town. The administration has been creating a good opportunities to attract investment. The disclose of new Technical and Vocational Training College is among the administration activities.